From the chiringuitos to the characteristic restaurants where people can get fresh fish, Boavista won’t disappoint lovers of good food.

During the day, along the Estoril bay TORTUGA, BAHIA and ALISIOS offer delicious grilled mix. Wandering around Sal Rei, 200 meters (650 ft) from Ca’ Nicola, in the main square the small BLUE MARLIN is open all day long to allow you to taste special serra carpaccio and tuna tartare. The average meal costs about 10€. Under a large acacia tree, CA' SIU' is a small café where wine, beer and grogue are washed down with the traditional capeverdean game of uril. At sunset, the nearby TE' MANCHE', a kiosk on the pier, serves cerveja with potato, meat and fish croquettes appetizers.
For dinner, just a few steps from Cà Nicola enjoy a good Italian dinner – and a very good pizza - at the restaurant DA LUISA.
In the square of Sal Rei you'll find NAIDA, a characteristic churrascaria that serves a menu of fish and a very special chicken, and L' ESPLANADA, where the traditional cachupa is accompanied by evocative live music. Not to be missed are the TERRA SABE, on a beautiful terrace, and the GRILL LUAR, well-known local restaurant for the best spaghetti with lobster crab of the island.

Near the market, in the square of Sal Rei, the PUB MAKENA offers good cocktails. After midnight, those who want to learn passada, the capeverdean dance, cannot loose the disco MAZURCA.
And for romantics, a walk in the desert with the full moon is a must.