, ten islands suspended between Africa,America and Europe, a meltingpot of cultures, flavours and colours that mix together tribal rhythms and the liveliness of South America.
The archipelago, of volcanic origin, is 600 kilometres off the coast of Senegal and each island has a distinct geographical character. Sahara-like dunes and moon landscapes alternate with valleys and hills rich with vegetation. Just a few hours from Europe, with such a little time difference! Cape Verde offers a tropical climate and temperatures all year round, a destination off the beaten track for sun, water sports and hiking, or just for a sweet idleness.

Arcipelago di capo verdeUSEFUL INFORMATION

TEMPERATURE: yearly average27°C/ 80°F
CURRENCY: Capeverdean Escudo (1 €/110 Ecv)
TIME ZONE: GMT/UTC –1 (GMT-2 daylight savings time) VACCINATIONS: none
DOCUMENTS: valid passport with entry visa
GOVERNMENT: Democratic Republic
LANGUAGE: Portuguese
RELIGION: catholic